Emergency management
Flood resources from MU Extension

Families returning to their flooded homes should be cautious during the cleanup process. In addition to other hazards, floodwater may contain sewage and biological contaminants that can linger in the home. Read more

Business and careers
The dark side of the eclipse

An estimated 80 percent of Americans live within 600 miles of the eclipse path. This amazing, once-in-a-lifetime event can present challenges. Read these tips to avoid being caught on the dark side of the eclipse. Read more

Continuing education, seminars and noncredit courses
MU FRTI receives new specialized mobile fire training simulator

The system is incorporated with a trailer to make training as accessible as possible. The institute offers 80 percent of its training in the field to meet career and volunteer fire service schedules and needs. Read more

Success of Edgewood Dairy and Creamery starts with grazing school

In 1997, Charles Fletcher attended a management-intensive grazing school at MU’s Southwest Research Center. Dairy specialist Stacey Hamilton and the MU dairy team led the three-day seminar. Read more

Lawn and garden
The flower that thrives on neglect

Few garden flowers give more and ask for less than daylily. In the quest for a “no maintenance” perennial, daylily is about as close as one can get. There are some who maintain that daylilies thrive on neglect. Read more

Natural resources
Bee workshops lead to more hives, more honey, more crops

MU Extension specialists and beekeepers Travis and Joni Harper have coordinated beekeeping classes for more than 800 Missourians in the past three years. Read more

Nutrition and health
Berries pack a healthful punch

It’s no secret that berries are a healthy choice. They may become even more appealing as new research indicates that eating berries may help stave off the cognitive decline and memory loss that comes with aging. Read more

Community and leadership
What stories do the stars tell?

What stories will you tell when witnessing the total solar eclipse as it passes through Missouri on Aug. 21? If you are interested in Astronomy, Storytelling, or Digital Media creation, this camp is for you! Read more

4-H after-school program nurtures 'seeds of possibility'

The cast and crew of a short film called "The Glasses" are students enrolled in an after-school program run by the Local Investment Commission (LINC), a Kansas City, Mo., nonprofit. Read more

Families and relationships
Spring cleaning with young children

Spring is the time of year for cleaning. Your young children can help with cleaning tasks, especially when they are members of a team that works together. Read more

Home and consumer life
Vegetable with an image problem

Beets have been consumed by humans for over 5000 years. The first beets produced long, thin roots. Therefore, it most likely was the leaves of beets that were harvested and used as a pot herb. Read more

Off-target movement of dicamba. Where do we go from here?

dicamba can move off-target by way of physical drift at the time of application. Read more

Guide offers helps on hiring, keeping farm employees

Finding and keeping dependable workers is one of the largest challenges today for farm owners and managers. Read more

MU Extension specialty crop surveys due Sept. 1

The survey helps MU and the Missouri Department of Agriculture decide how to best help these growers through education and research. Read more

Update on dicamba-related injury investigations

The number of cases under investigation in many states in the Midwest has at least doubled, and the soybean acreage estimated with dicamba injury has increased dramatically in many of these same locations. Read more

Livestock symposium sponsors farm photo contest

Amateur photographers may submit photos through Sept. 8. Read more

Art exhibition addresses sexual violence, Aug. 28-Sept. 21

These works, some including very personal stories, address the reality of rape and sexual assault on university campuses, at K-12 schools, and in communities regionally, nationally and around the world. Read more

Back-to-school shopping good time to teach children about money

It's obviously a very expensive time of year. Read more

Divide (and conquer) iris in August

For the best display of flowers, iris that are growing in good conditions need to be divided every three to four years. Read more

August gardening calendar

Feed mums, asters and other fall-blooming perennials for the last time. Read more

Japan slaps high tariff on U.S. beef

Export drop could lower calf prices. Read more

4-H national film festival attracts young filmmakers

FilmFest 4-H is fun, but it's also about preparing for future careers. Read more

MU Extension provides a tenfold return on funding

A recently completed assessment of University of Missouri Extension found that with an annual investment of $86 million (2016), MU Extension generated dividends totaling nearly $950 million. Read more

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