Module 4

Council elections

Council members are elected and appointed public officials. The Revised Statutes of Missouri require county extension councils to organize and conduct an election of membership each January. All citizens of voting age are eligible to vote in the election. This module will:

  • Help extension councils comply with state statutes regarding election of members.
  • Provide suggested processes for conducting the election to provide all eligible voters the opportunity to participate.
  • Assist in publicizing the election to all citizens.

Training materials

PowerPoint presentation (PPT)
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Council elections training materials (PDF)


  • Mastering the Nuts and Bolts of Council Elections (Council Handout)
    Explains state statutes, and offers strategies for conducting participatory elections and maintaining election integrity.
  • Timeline for County Extension Council Recruitment and Elections
    A guide to meeting deadlines and other statutory requirements
  • Sample Notice of Nominees
    Provides language and format for publishing public notice of nominees as required by state statutes.
  • Trainer notes and council activity
    Hands-on activity to ensure council election processes are in compliance with state statutes. Includes tips for presenters and a PowerPoint presentation with speaker notes.

Public Notice of Nominees (DOC)

Additional resources