HR training presentation:
Effective Teamwork

Course ID: ExtHR 300

This session will highlight 5 areas that will ensure effective teamwork: Trust, Conflict, Commitment, Accountability and Results. All 5 areas are supported by one another in order for a team to function well and effectively, and for genuine teamwork to flourish and be successful.

Increased knowledge and improved performance towards the following competencies:
 - Interpersonal Relationships
 - Leadership
 - Professionalism
Improved performance in managing effective teams both in the work environment and in the community environment

Evaluation method: Survey attendees for impact on work environment two to four weeks after the training.

Expectation for participants: Participants will participate in activities and discussions in the session.

Target audience: All MU Extension Employees

Instructional length: 2 hours

Facilitator(s): Megan Martin, Training/Development Coordinator, Human Resources, MU Extension

Date(s): Presented upon request to groups of 10 or more

Delivery mode: Face to face, work sheets

Location: Presented at the location of the groups request

Max enrollment: 35 (if enrollment needs to be more, discuss with presenter)