Fallow syndrome presents in Missouri

Cornfields in northeastern Missouri this spring were more uneven following prevented planting acres. Typically, they were phosphorus-deficient and had slower early growth than fields following soybean. Read more

Lawn and garden
Scout fields now for Japanese beetles

Farmers and homeowners should be on the lookout for Japanese beetles. Beetles have been found in most parts of the state. Numbers are expected to peak in mid-July. Read more

Natural resources
Attracting Hummingbirds to Your Property

Hummingbirds are the smallest native bird in North America at only 3-1/2 inches long and a weight of less than 1/4 of an ounce. The rapid movement of their wings creates a humming sound. Read more

Continuing education, seminars and noncredit courses
Why be a part of Osher@Mizzou

We are dedicated to making Osher membership and participation affordable and accessible to Columbia area residents over 50 who wish to be involved. Register online. Read more

Community and leadership
What participants say about EXCEL

More than 7,500 people representing approximately 60 towns throughout Missouri have participated in 40 locally based, EXCEL-type leadership development programs. Read more

Nutrition and health
Garlic's history

“Take two cloves of garlic and call me in the morning.” Not many of us have heard that recommendation, however, for millennia garlic was the “go to” natural remedy for a wide array of ailments. Read more

4-H camp counselor brings humor and compassion to job

Marissa Todd has Down syndrome, but that hasn’t stopped the Marion County high school senior from getting involved in her 4-H club, holding office or becoming a 4-H camp counselor. Read more

Flood recovery resources
Scams and fraud add insult to injury after a disaster

Already reeling from a loss, flood victims can fall prey to dishonest businesses, questionable charities and those looking to make a quick buck. Read more

Families and relationships
Having a furry friend may enhance, extend human life

There are a number of explanations for exactly how pets offer health benefits. First of all, pets need walking, feeding, grooming, and encourage lots of playing and petting. Read more

Home and consumer life
Jump-start your savings

Money is so easy to spend; it slips through fingers like water. Even with the best intentions to put a little money aside every month, we often find there's nothing left when the month comes to a close. Read more

Business and careers
Seven summer savings tips

This spring was the coldest, wettest one in years, and allergies kept pace. Luckily, almost everything has bloomed and those of us with allergies finally caught a break. Read more

Hot tips for keeping cool

It's not cool to be hot. Water, rest and shade help workers beat the heat. Read more

Off-target herbicide movement: What you see is not what you get

Off-target herbicides damage crops, ornamentals and other vegetation in nearby fields when droplets move off of the soil or intended plants and onto nontarget plants. Read more

Wheat yields vary statewide in MU variety tests

Wheat yields were good at most test sites in the 2016 University of Missouri Variety Testing Program. A lack of precipitation during the early part of the growing season allowed an early wheat harvest. Read more

Low-cost strategies for staying cool and saving energy

Older people and the very young have a harder time coping with hot weather. Read more

Cows' summer heat stress increases when grazing toxic fescue

The summer slump in cool-season grass growth got a knockout punch from heavy rains in July across much of Missouri. Read more

Not too late for rescue nitrogen

When rain causes N loss, late N helps, no matter how bad corn looks. Read more

Survey of pesticide applicators shows needs

Only 43 percent of Missouri pesticide applicators read the label each time they mix and spray. Read more

Summer can create challenges for food budget

Summertime can pose challenges to the family food budget because children are eating more meals at home. Read more

Recent rains create potential for lawn problems

Don't mow when it doesn't grow. Don't mow when it's extremely wet. Those are two rules of thumb of lawn care during years of feast-or-famine rainfall. Read more

Shop safe at farmers markets

Farmers markets are a great place to buy healthy local produce and other foods, meet and support local farmers, and enjoy shopping in a fun environment. Read more

How do food manufacturers pick those dates on packaging

No one wants to serve spoiled food to their families. Conversely, consumers don't want to throw food away unnecessarily — but we certainly do. Read more

July gardening calendar

Newly planted trees and shrubs should continue to be watered thoroughly, once a week. Read more

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