Workshops on preventing, responding to disease outbreaks set

In recent years, emerging threats have included porcine epidemic diarrhea virus (PEDv), which has killed at least 8 million pigs since 2013, and the H5N2 avian flu that led to the loss of 48 million birds last year. Read more

Lawn and garden
Growing seeds of hope for the hungry

Food pantry recipients plant community garden plots with seeds bought in bulk and packaged by Master Gardeners and community volunteers. Master Gardeners also provide tools, supplies and advice. Read more

Natural resources
Chipmunks nuisances

Chipmunks may range over an acre, but their individual territories often are much smaller. Two to four animals may inhabit an acre; their population is dependent upon the availability of food and cover. Read more

Continuing education, seminars and noncredit courses
MU FRTI receives new specialized mobile fire training simulator

The system is incorporated with a trailer to make training as accessible as possible. The institute offers 80 percent of its training in the field to meet career and volunteer fire service schedules and needs. Read more

Community and leadership
Welcome to Alianzas

Our program is here to facilitate and promote effective intercultural communication. We form alliances with MU Extension specialists, Latino residents and the larger community of Missouri. Read more

Nutrition and health
Beans are inexpensive, healthy and convenient

Beans are one of the best values around. One cup of cooked pinto beans provides 14 grams of fiber, 14 grams of protein, less than one gram of fat and around 230 calories. Read more

Linda Jo Turner named '4-H Bridge Builder'

Lorene Trickey, right, wife of former Missouri 4-H Foundation trustee Nelson Trickey, and daughter Linda Trickey, left, present the Nelson Trickey 4-H Bridge Builder Award to Jo Turner. Read more

Emergency management
Reduce your risk of injury or death from lightning

If you see lightning, count the seconds until you hear thunder, then divide by five. This is the distance in miles the lightning is away. Any distance less than 10 miles puts you in danger. Seek shelter immediately. Read more

Families and relationships
Car seat safety

Car crashes kill more children 1 to 14 years old than any other cause, so adults need to know which child safety seats to use and how to install them correctly. Read more

Home and consumer life
MU Extension offers mobile energy education unit

The mobile unit gives homeowners and renters an opportunity to learn different ways they can make their home more efficient, comfortable and less expensive to heat or cool. Read more

Business and careers
BDP creates/retains 24,000 jobs, nearly $1B in increased sales

University of Missouri Extension Business Development Program creates or retains 24,000 jobs, nearly $1 billion in increased client sales for Missouri businesses. Read more

Second Youth Leadership Academy seeks applications

Twenty high school students with an interest in agriculture and the livestock industry will attend the May 31-June 3 event. Read more

Small-farm event offers ideas for growing food, making money

Learn how to farm with little or no equipment. Read more

MU Extension offers farm business class for women

Farm women and women landowners learn new skills in the six-session evening class. Read more

Beware of misleading nutrition claims

There are many new recommendations to gain better health, get fit, lose weight and be healthier. Read more

Pig disease on upswing in U.S.

Disease outbreak workshop offers new information on how to prevent and control spread. Read more

Large amounts of stored surplus grain need attention with safety in mind

The perfect storm exists for more grain bin accidents in 2017 since farmers are storing more grain on-farm than ever before. Read more

Small-acreage conference offers large lineup of speakers

Topics include beekeeping, cover crops, Missouri fence law, poultry, growing blueberries, agroforestry and more. Read more

Learn to make food and money at Mid-Missouri Expo, Feb. 25

MU Extension sponsors the event for those who want to grow food and develop horticulture and livestock enterprises. Read more

Farmers needed for Missouri strip trial program

Strip trials are multiple long strips laid out side by side in a field. Researchers and growers compare different management practices on each strip. Read more

Give your Valentine's Day flowers some TLC

Your flowers will last longer if kept watered and fed. Read more

Watch the weather to avoid atrazine runoff

Atrazine runoff means wasted money. Read more

Grow Your Farm sessions begin in Rolla

MU Extension, through a grant from the USDA will help veterans, Latinos and socially disadvantaged persons who want to farm, offers the program to increase agribusinesses and enterprise development. Read more

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