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Reviewed November 1997

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PS107, Alfalfa Diseases I

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Alfalfa Diseases I

Editor's note
The following abstract describes a publication that is only available for purchase. A link to ordering information is on this page.

Missouri Cooperative Extension Service
MU and Lincoln University

This publication features 11 full-colored photos of common disease of alfalfa to help you determine the cause of damage in the field.

The reverse side provides information on each disease. The descriptions include where and when the alfalfa is susceptible to damage and the type of damage caused.


  • Alfalfa mosaic
  • Aseochyta leaf spot
  • Bacteria leaf spot
  • Brown leaf spot
  • Cercospora black stem
  • Cercospora leaf spot
  • Cercospora medicaginis
  • Cercospora zebrina
  • Common leaf spot
  • Downy mildew
  • Halo spot
  • Lepto spot
  • Leptosphaerulina briosiana
  • Leptosphaerulina leaf spot
  • Leptotrochila medicaginis,pepper spot
  • Peronospora trifoliorum
  • Phoma medicaginis
  • Pseudopeziza medicaginis
  • Rust
  • Spring black stem
  • Stemphylium botryosum
  • Stemphylium spot
  • Summer black stem
  • Summer leaf spot
  • Target spot
  • Uromyces straitus
  • Xanthomones alfalfae


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