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Reviewed May 1999

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PS28, Stored Grain Insects

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Stored Grain Insects

Editor's note
The following abstract describes a publication that is only available for purchase. A link to ordering information is on this page.

University of Illinois

One of a series that combines pictures with written descriptions of grain and fruit pests, this publication provides 19 full-color photos of insects and damaged corn kernels to help identify problems in the field.

The reverse side provides information such as how to control stored grain insects and details of each pest's life cycle.


  • Asperagillus flavus
  • Blue eye
  • Confused flour beetle
  • Cryptolestes ferrugineus
  • Cryptolestes pusillus
  • Flat grain beetle
  • Fusarium moniliforme
  • Germ damage
  • Grain spoilage
  • Granary weevil
  • Indianmeal moth
  • Larger black flour beetle
  • Lesser grain borer
  • Oryzaephilus surinamensis
  • Plodia interpunctella
  • Red flour beetle
  • Rhyzopertha dominica
  • Rice weevil
  • Rusty grain beetle
  • Sawtoothed grain beetle
  • Sitophilus granarius
  • Sitophilus oryzae
  • Split kernels
  • Tribolium castaneum
  • Tribolium confusum
  • Typhaea stercorea


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