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MP666, Reviewed October 1993

Waste Management Systems for Dairy Herds

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Myron Bennett and Donald Osburn
Department of Agricultural Economics
Charles D. Fulhage
Department of Agricultural Engineering

Waste disposal is an increasingly important topic. Herds of more than 100 cows can be required to install a system approved by the DNR. But how do you design a system that meets the law and serves you best?

This publication discusses waste management and systems, state law and the distribution of waste. It sets forth a study of various systems, complete with an economic analysis of each that figures cost from the initial investment down to the cost per cow.

The methodology and assumptions for the study are provided, as well as the costs recorded for each system so that readers can compare their initial costs for the same type of system.

By understanding the law, using guidelines set forth and knowing the cost averages, a dairy farmer can begin to formulate an efficient system for each individual herd.



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