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MP913, Reviewed January 2016

Meat Goat Management Wheel

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Meat Goat Management WheelCharlotte Clifford-Rathert
State small ruminant extension specialist
Lincoln University in Missouri
Linda Coffey and Margo Hale
Program specialists
National Center for Appropriate Technology
Jim Humphrey and Bruce Lane
Regional livestock specialists
MU Extension
Beth Walker
Agriculture Department
Missouri State University

This versatile, easy-to-use Meat Goat Management Wheel makes decisions about meat goat management and production simple.

The wheel is a management calendar that helps you schedule tasks. Use it in the way that best suits your management style. For example:

The wheel contains lots of general management information that can be adjusted for individual operations and different management styles. If you have questions about any of these management or production recommendations, consult an expert or professional in your area.

In combination with a wall calendar, this tool will help producers stay on schedule despite the busy lifestyle and competing demands they are faced with.

The 7.875-by-7.875-inch wheel is made of high-quality, washable plastic that will last a long time.

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