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NCR99, Reviewed October 1993

Care of Houseplants

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Richard E. Widmer
Horticultural Science
University of Minnesota
L.K. Cutkomp and Mark Ascerno
Extension Entomology
University of Minnesota
F.L. Pfleger
Extension Plant Pathologist
University of Minnesota

Ever wonder which window to grow your African violet in, or how to pronounce "alternanthera?" This publication provides a thorough discussion of houseplants as well as several helpful plant care information tables. For example, it lists which plants are best suited to hanging baskets or high temperatures, and how many months foliage plants remain attractive under various light intensities.

The bulk of the manual discusses plant care. It divides plants into four categories: flowering, fruiting, foliage, and cacti and succulents. Black-and-white photos accompany nearly every page as does specific information on the plants. Various cultivars are discussed where appropriate, as are tips such as forcing bulbs, disease and insect control, vacation care and more.

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