Order nametags

One nametag is free to all faculty, staff, volunteers and council members. Replacement nametags will be assessed a $4 replacement fee.

Fill in the information below to order your new University of Missouri Extension name tag. You may order up to five nametags on this form, but all the people for whom you are requesting them must be headquartered in the same office. If you need more than five, please submit a second order.

The nametags will all be white with the logo centered at the bottom, name above in Verdana typeface.  Long names will have a slightly smaller type size and/or wrap to a second line if needed. Here is an example of how it will look:

Important note regarding magnetic fasteners:
Fastener options include a magnetic style. Due to higher cost, we recommend that magnets only be ordered for full-time employees who would use them on a regular basis.

This style has three magnets on the back that are strong enough to fasten through most clothing. They are versatile without being destructive to garments. However, they WILL de-magnetize bank cards, so be careful about putting it in your pocket or purse.

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