Social media

This page offers social media assistance for creating and maintaining social media sites for extension offices and programs. If you have further questions regarding social media, please contact the Communications and Marketing team. For assistance with social media strategy and planning, contact Laura Lindsey, marketing coordinator, at For assistance with setting up an account, posting content, promoting an account or functionality of various social media platforms, please contact Laura Lindsey, marketing coordinator, at, or Katherine Foran, editor, at

Download and print the social media assistance (PDF) for a hard copy cheat sheet with important social media pages including our guidelines, the planning worksheet, style guide and more.

Social media guidelines

Developed to help MU Extension employees use social media in a way that complies with university and extension policy, these guidelines further and support extension’s mission of providing reliable, research-based information to Missourians. Please review MU Extension's social media guidelines at

For additional information, read and follow the University of Missouri’s social media guidelines at

Planning worksheet

Social media campaigns or projects are most successful when they are well-planned and thought out before being implemented. Use this planning worksheet to assess your goals, audience, needs and message before beginning a social media project. The worksheet also provides assistance with deciding what social networking tool is best, planning contributors to the account, posting, idea generation for promoting the account and ways you can evaluate its success.

Social media planning worksheet (PDF)

Platforms and tutorials

The social media landscape is ever-changing and expanding, so it's important to decide what platform is best for your campaign and learn to use it effectively. See the social media overview (PDF) for a brief look at Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, including the audience, capability, requirements and restrictions of each.

Facebook tutorials

Twitter tutorials

Analytics and feedback


MU Extension Communications and Marketing provides profile photos, cover photos and social media banners.

Profile picture

Profile picture (JPG)                     

Cover or header photos


   Extension collage #1 (JPG)                                     Extension collage #2 (JPG)


Extension collage #1a (PPT)                                  Extension collage #2a (PPT) Upload your own photos


All Things Missouri (JPG)                                         

Tractor Facebook cover photo           Collage
Tractor - practical education design  (JPG)              Extension collage (JPG)          

Circles horse Facebook cover image           Circle horse design with black bar
Circle design with horse and old tractor (JPG)        Circle design with horse with black bar (JPG)

Nutrition Facebook photo           Nutrition design with black bar
Nutrition with circle design (JPG)                             Nutrition with circle design with black bar(JPG)          

Live. And Learn. with Truman series

Truman with a rake and extension hat (JPG)           Truman with garden journal (JPG)          

Truman reading (JPG)                                             Truman cooking (JPG)

Truman with sign (JPG)


Like us, follow us in social media


You can like MU Extension on Facebook at or follow us on Twitter at

These are public pages, so please share them with council members and others in your community.

  • Our goal is to use these social networks to:
  • Increase engagement
  • Share news and content with our customers
  • Encourage feedback
  • Promote extension's value
  • Stimulate traffic to our website
  • We can accomplish these goals by:
  • Increasing the number of MU Extension fans and followers
  • Participating in discussions and asking questions
  • Sharing valuable content, links and photos
  • Commenting on and liking posts and responding to tweets
  • Retweeting content that is important to followers

If you aren't involved in social media but would like to be, eXtension has short courses available: