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Inclusive Reflections in the workplace in Lieu of Prayer

The University of Missouri is committed to providing a positive work and learning environment where all individuals are treated fairly and with respect, regardless of their status. Intimidation and harassment have no place in a university community. To honor the dignity and inherent worth of every individual student, employee, or applicant for employment or admission is a goal to which every member of the University community should aspire and to which officials of the University should direct attention and resources.
HR-505 Maintaining a Positive Work and Learning Environment

Respectful workplace

University of Missouri is committed to providing a respectful environment for all faculty, staff, students and campus guests. Federal laws prohibit discrimination and harassment based on race, color, sex, religion, national origin, age and disability; and the University of Missouri adds sexual orientation, disability or status as a protected veteran.

It is every individual’s responsibility to create and maintain a pleasant, respectful environment. Keeping the following guidelines in mind will go a long way in accomplishing this objective:

  • Treat everyone from all levels, staff, administration, students, faculty, patients and visitors with respect.
  • Speak without judging, blaming or demeaning.
  • Listen with an open mind.
  • Avoid gossip, name-calling and offensive humor.
  • Recognize the benefits and value of a diverse workforce and student body.
  • Don’t attempt to impose your values, whether political, religious or cultural, on others.
  • Take responsibility for your own behavior.

Source: University of Missouri System Prevention of Employment Discrimination Training

The University of Missouri Statement of Values highlights the import of respect, responsibility, discovery and excellence.