Fee generation

Increased use of fees in MU Extension

Historically, cooperative extension programs have relied on federal, state, and county appropriations as well as grant and contract funding to largely underwrite the cost of programs. Recent areas of growth in funding streams include grants, gifts, sponsorships and fees. The current complement of resources being generated is not keeping pace with the rising costs of education or with the increasing demand for educational programming from Missouri constituents. Fees will provide considerable potential for revenue growth in the future, which will help MU Extension meet the state’s needs for programs and services.

While the use of fees is a necessity, it does provide opportunities for all those involved. Some of the outcomes and opportunities as a result of participation in fee collection include the following:

  • Acknowledgement from customers that programs are valued and “worth” paying for.
  • All parties that bear a cost in program production will be included in the distribution of revenue from the program (e.g., win/win situations where both counties and the University receive funding from the fees collected).
  • Sustainability for programs and services.
  • Additional flexible funds for faculty and teams.
  • Greater ability to maintain staffing numbers in an uncertain economic environment as fee revenues will diversify the sources of funding for our programs locally and statewide.
  • Potential for additional contractual employees.
  • Possible additions of permanent positions as fee revenues grow over time.
Training opportunities

Training will be conducted via Adobe Connect. Please register through WebApps (under ISEs) or by sending an email with your preferred session to Tamra Robbins, robbinst@missouri.edu.

Fee Generation Worksheet, online tool training (ISE #271)

  • Nov. 15, 2017     10-11 a.m.
  • Dec. 21, 2017      2-3 p.m.


Materials, tools and resources

Fee generation worksheet; online tool, login required

Remittance Worksheet

General Fee Generation Remittance Process (PDF)

Overarching revenue generation guiding principles | PDF

Guidelines for generation and use of fees for MU Extension | PDF

Frequently asked questions review questions the committee has answered or pose new questions (updated 1/14/2013)

Average compensation rates for standard MU Extension positions (updated 07/01/2017)

Example county as host cost list: download (DOCX) | PDF   (added 1/4/10)

Talking points on fees for programs and services (PDF) (updated 7/31/2013)

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