Professional meetings

Following is the policy, procedure and application form for county engagement and field specialists attending professional meetings, seminars and conferences. This policy was updated and approved by MU Extension administration in March 2018. The updated policy goes into effect July 1, 2018.


University of Missouri Extension county engagement and field specialists are encouraged to join and participate in professional organizations and societies appropriate to their academic disciplines and duties. University of Missouri also supports the participation of county engagement and field specialists as presenters at professional conferences and seminars.

MU Extension supports scholarship and participation in regional and national professional meetings as follows:

  1. Official leave may be granted for MU Extension county engagement and field specialists to attend professional meeting(s) per the discretion of their regional director in consultation with their senior program director.
  2. The amount of official leave allowable is the number of days scheduled for the meeting and up to one day’s travel time before and after the meeting.
  3. If approved, reimbursement will be provided for reasonable and necessary expenses within University of Missouri travel regulations up to the amounts outlined below. Specialists may access these funds through their regional director. Regional directors have a fixed set of funds to support these efforts and may not have the funds to support all requests. Maximum reimbursement to attend will be:
    1. If faculty member received support from this set of funds last fiscal year — $750
    2. If member did not receive support from this set of funds last fiscal year — $1,000
    3. When presenting a scholarly paper or poster, serving on a national programming committee, attending as/for state president (or voting delegate), or on a board at the national level, an additional $500 reimbursement will be available one time per fiscal year.

Applications are to be submitted to the regional director prior to sending in an abstract to present or at least three months before the beginning date of the meeting, whichever is the earliest date, to be considered for reimbursement.

Professional and/or society meetings may include, but are not limited to:

  1. Professional association meetings related to the extension function.
    Ex.: National Association of County Agricultural Agents, National Association of Extension 4-H Youth Agents, National Association of Extension Family and Consumer Sciences, American Association of Adult and Continuing Education, National Association of Community Development Extension Professionals,  National Association of  Extension Program and Staff Development Professionals
  2. Professional or society meetings related to the individual’s academic discipline.
    Ex.: American Society of Agronomy, American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences, American Society of Animal Science, Community Development Society, American Association of Adult and Continuing Education

The continuation of funding described in this policy is dependent upon the availability of travel and faculty development funds.  This policy will continue to be evaluated each year to determine viability and continuation.


  1. County engagement and field specialists submit Application for Approval to Attend at Professional Society Meeting, Conference or Seminar form to their regional director for approval.
  2. Regional director — in consultation with appropriate senior program director — signs, approves and notifies the faculty member of application approval.
  3. Regional director’s office records information on tracking spreadsheet.
  4. Regional director’s office retains the official copy of the approved application.
  5. Faculty members submit expense report through the Travel & Expense system.
  6. Administrative management verifies eligibility and processes expense report for reimbursement.


Application form for attending/presenting at a professional conference (fillable PDF) | DOC
Note: First, download and save the PDF to your desktop. Then fill in the highlighted fields and save the document. It may be signed with a digital signature and sent to your regional director as an attachment.