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Self-Directed Extension Teams - A working list!

Team Contact(s) Provocative statement
BAM Brand and Marketing

Convener: Meridith Berry
Contact: Pat Snodgrass

One message, one voice, one look, resulting in recognition of MU Extension’s value by residents of Missouri and MU graduates.
Global Education Jenny Flatt Norell



Master Gardeners


David Trinklein

“Helping others learn to grow.”

MU Extension Public Value

Karma Metzgar
Nellie Lamers

The majority of MU Extension faculty, staff and volunteers will know what the concept, “Public Value,” means and will apply it to communication with legislators, county commissioners other public office holders, and citizens to make the case for public funding of extension in Missouri.
Pasture-Based Dairy Team Joe Horner
Wayne Prewitt
Ted Probert
Team Q – “Quality” Karisha Devlin University of Missouri Extension will provide just-in-time, quality programs appropriate for the audiences in a responsive manner using the appropriate technology to reach the intended audience.

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