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Self-directed extension team: BAM! Branding and Marketing Team

Convener:  Meridith Berry
Contact:  Pat Snodgrass


Who are your team members?

  • Johanna Reed Adams
  • Meridith Berry
  • Gordon Carriker
  • Janet Kline
  • Vivian Mason
  • Dolores Shearon
  • Cindy Zluticky
  • Pat Snodgrass
  • Evan Smith
  • Sandy Stegall
  • Virgil Woolridge

What is your team’s mission?

Convince MU Extension administration to support the MU Extension marketing function with a significant, consistent, continued commitment of resources to make it possible to implement MU Extension’s existing marketing plan. 

What are your plans in the next 3-6 months?

Request information from MU Extension administration re: how much MU Extension spends on visual marketing items (not items for resale), but including media (radio, TV, print) and outside contracts for design and other services.


Request that each county office identify 3-5 individuals or business owners who are MU Extension supporters or Mizzou grads and collect contact information for a statewide database


Work with Mark Stillwell to develop guidelines for Extension Facebook accounts and YouTube videos and present to administration.


Create and distribute a County Office image Assessment checklist that faculty and staff can use to ensure that offices have appropriate signage and marketing items and that the reception area (and all public areas) are appealing


Contact business leaders who graduated from MU and develop and distribute to them a visibility item (such as a window decal) that they can use to promote MU Extension


Explore creating and distributing a letter from the Director’s Office that could go to all Missouri graduating seniors to tie them to MU Extension in their home communities


Contact Dave Baker about inconsistencies in use of the Master Gardener logo and ask him to encourage all MGs to use the standardized MG logo, identifying MG’s relationship to MU Extension.
Create a PowerPoint slide for specialists to use at the beginning of any program to identify the program as a presentation of MU Extension.  Remind specialists to inform audiences of the role Extension plays in any program or presentation.


How are your team members keeping in touch?

Via email and Adobe Connect 


What would you like others to know about your team?

We have passion about the need for marketing and communication within MU Extension and with external audiences.


Can others join your team?  If so, how?

YES!  Simply let us know you’d like to join.  Contact either Vivian Mason, convener, or Sandy Stegall, contact. 

Shelley Bush Rowe,
Don Nicholson,